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Welcome to Similar Italian Footwear!

Bringing you the best shoes Second Life® has to offer!



Otranto is an amazingly gorgeous shoe with an open toe design and our now signature low lag scripting.  TP anywhere and never have to take your sexy shoes off!   There is the option to change the front flap to 8 different animal prints as well as 2 leather options.  It really is incredible and I hope you all stop by and grab a demo so you can see how great you look in them!

PSA – No animals were harmed in the manufacture of these shoes.

Similar Italian Footwear Mainstore


Sidewinder Riding Boots

Brand new release!  Amazing SideWinder Boots in 5 colors!  They are Unisex, fellas!  Come on down and try a demo ASAP, see how great they look on you!

Sim-I-Lar Italian Footwear

Happy Birthday, Similar!

For Sim-I-Lar’s Birthday, we released a new style!  It is a classic pump with an ankle strap in 16 amazing colors, as well as a bonus Silver shoe as a token of our appreciation to our loyal customers.  We are growing, coming up with new styles for all of you out there needing incredible footwear and word of mouth is spreading!  All of us here would like to thank anyone that has dropped our LM on a friend, or showed off a pair of any of the styles.  Sim-I-Lar grows because you love it and show it off out on the grid so once again, thank you all for a wonderful first year and many more to come!

This style was named after our amazing Senior Manager, Annabell Bedrosian.  She has been with Sim-I-Lar since it’s inception and even a bit before that!  In testing stages and concept stages, she is an intricate part in making sure your Similar’s work perfectly when you rez them from the box.  Ready to help at the store as well as on the designs themselves, she is necessary to the smooth operation of the store and so on this amazing anniversary she is honored for her dedication to Similar!


Sim-I-Lar Italian Footwear

Our newest style, Cariddi

Cariddi in White

Similar is very pleased to release another unique and wonderfully designed laced/strapped stiletto, “Cariddi”.   Simone has outdone herself this time with this design!  Highly detailed foot and toes, so realistic you can almost see a heartbeat.  Italian styling, laces from the toes to the calf, need I go on?   You all know our quality by now!  Below are details of this beautiful shoe…

Only six low lag scripts, no taking these off to TP
Works with all viewers (invisiprims available free in the demo kiosk)
Fully menu driven
Walksound on/off
Our standard, easy to use HUD is able to give you any nail color you can think of.

Multi-View Cariddi in Brown

Nine Laceholder textures available from the menu:
Shoe color in leather:
*   Dalmatian
*   Giraffe (white)
*   Leopard (white)
*   Tiger (white)
*   Zebra (white)
*   Giraffe (skin fur)
*   Leopard (skin fur)
*   Tiger (skin fur)

~> Three color sole (Red, Tan and Black)
~> Metal parts in silver and gold
~> Heel in three textures (shoe color, silver and gold)
~> Three colors to choose from – Black, White and Brown

Please visit our store and try our demos,  seeing is believing!

Cariddi in Black

Scilla has been released!

Scilla in Black!

Our very first fully open toed shoes!  Sexy strapped sandals with our signature “killer heels” and metal stud adornments on the straps.  They are now available in Red, White and Black Patent Leather.  Single packs as well as a pack of all 3 colors are available at our Mainstore Location.  A 16 Color Pack has also just been released today!  Enjoy a variety of shades in one pair of shoes for your outfit matching convenience.  The ankle can be worn fully covered or with one single panel across the back of the stiletto.  As with all of our shoes, metals switch from gold to silver with one simple click.  Our simple HUD makes skin matching a breeze myself as well as our Senior Manager and Store Associates are available 10am to 10pm at the store to assist you if necessary!

Scilla 16 Color Pack

Stop by and try a demo today!

Desdemona Boot Intructions

Thank you for your purchase of shoes from Sim-I-Lar Footwear.

Reading these instructions will give you all the information you need to fit these boots.  We will help if you have problems but we will not repeat what is in these instructions, we are very busy people.

Please read these instructions carefully, we hope you will have no problems, if you do, send a note card to our Customer Support Manager,  Annabell Bedrosian, IM’s get capped, please send note card!  she will get back to you as soon as possible, customer satisfaction and support is a top priority here at Similar Footwear.

For all non-deliveries, please go to one of our stores and use the redelivery kiosk.  If you still don’t receive please contact me, Larisa Tylman, by notecard with transaction details and I will redeliver personally.  Please do not use IM’s, I am often in busy mode and I don’t get them.  Even when online, a NC with details is needed for me to confirm your transaction.  I deal with redeliveries as a priority as soon as I come online.

First make your sculpted prims visible from longer distances, this will also help with other sculpted prims and enhance your SL experience.

1. press CTRL+ALT+D to open an ADVANCED menu options.
3. In opened window choose “RenderVolumeLODFactor”  and set value to 5.
4. Close window and enjoy right looking sculpted prims from any distance.

IMPORTANT: These boots were designed to fit size zero feet, go to appearance click “legs”, down at the bottom reduce the feet to zero.

In your inventory find the folder named Desdemona boots  in this folder is all you need to wear your boots , right click the folder and choose, “ADD TO OUTFIT”.

If you have difficulty using the menu system, simply come to our store and one of our staff will be happy to help you with fitting. We at Similar pride ourselves in quality footwear and hope you enjoy your new shoes.

Menu Overview
Resize: Resize your shoes in 1% or 3% increments
Position: Move your shoes in 1% increments
Walk sound: Turns walk  on/off
Metal: Changes the metal from gold or silver
Type: Changes the boots to thigh, knee and ankle boots
Vampire: Hides and/or shows the bat with folded wings emblem on the front

**Still have questions?  Please contact Annabell Bedrosian, Anjelyc Morales or send a NC to Larisa Tylman.**
Similar have a full range of stylish high quality shoes and boots, all low lag and designed to give you that “fashionista” look.

Fitting instructions
1/Select from the menu Resize, choose boot.
2/Reduce or increase the size of the lower boot until you get the best fit for your avatar
3/Select from the menu Resize, choose upper.
4/Reduce or increase the size of the thigh boot to best fit your avatar.
5/ If you are small or larger than the model we use to make the boots you may need to reposition the thigh parts.
6/Select Position from the menu then upper
7/Move the upper part up or down until you get the best fit.

Welcome to Similar Quality Italian Footwear!

Venezia Style - Similar Italian Footwear

Similar Quality Italian Footwear is the new kid on the block.  Nonetheless, we are an established business in Second Life making new friends and customers everyday!  We are all so grateful that everyone that has come to know our brand tells their friends, and they tell theirs.  The best people in SL shop at Similar Footwear and we appreciate each and every one of you!  I’ve taken this opportunity to introduce one of our most popular styles, Venezia.  It is our take on the classic women’s pump with a little dash of sexy thrown in.  The sculpting, courtesy of Simone Bonham, is a combination of classic pumps with our signature ‘Killer Heel’ forged in metal with beautiful italian crafting.  Scripting allows for changing of metals from silver to gold, as well as sizing larger and smaller for your convenience.  The ankle bracelet and metal heels can be shown in either gold or silver metal thanks to the scripting of Co-Owner and brilliant skin matcher Larisa Tylman!

Venezia Style - Similar Italian Footwear

While i’m introducing everyone, our Senior Manager available for all questions pertaining to these fantastic shoes is Annabell Bedrosian.  I am the Junior Manager and can be found randomly hanging about the store ready to help anyone needing assistance at our Main Store.  Everyone involved with Similar Footwear is extremely proud of the products we put out and hope that more women out there [and men too! we have a men’s style, possibly more to come if you beg hard enough fellas!] come by, see our styles and fall in love.

Thank you all for reading ❤ We all hope to see you soon!  Join our group for special sales and information on new releases!